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Why Use The Storage Team?

Why Use The Storage Team

Competition!! We all love competition as consumers don’t we? Otherwise, if we didn’t have any competition for businesses, shoddy goods and services would be sold to customers at an over inflated price as demand far outstrips supply.

As a company, we have always happily accepted our competition in both St Helens and Wigan and tend to focus on what we do in our own garden as opposed to what anybody else is doing in theirs. In quite a few cases, we have worked alongside them too. Great!

Unfortunately, things have changed a bit recently with the emergence of one particular competitor in St Helens.

This is really not our style but due to continued public defamation about our company from one fairly new local operator, Store First, and despite our request to remove such information, we are forced to defend ourselves against the untruths published on their website about the services they claim we do not offer.

Trading Standards are currently investigating Store First as a result.

In addition, regarding another issue, they have also been reported to Google and again Trading Standards for claiming to be The Storage Team in their digital paid for adverts.

So For Clarity, Here’s What The Storage Team Offer You:

  • Individually Alarmed Rooms Linked to a Unique Alert System.
  • 24/7 Access (if required).
  • FREE Use of Trolleys and Moving Equipment.
  • A FREE Professional Move into Storage worth over £500 (T & Cs Apply).
  • FREE Home Visits.
  • FREE Use of Meeting Rooms and Kitchen Facilities.
  • Free Wi-Fi (does anyone charge for this now!).
  • HD CCTV in all our Corridors with Minimum 30 Day Recorded Activity.
  • FREE Plentiful Parking (as if we’d charge you for that!).
  • FREE Packaging for Making an Appointment to Come and Visit Us.
  • A Trusted Local Family Run Business Serving the St Helens Community for Over 12 Years.
  • A Lengthy Member of the UK’s Self Storage Association.
  • A Company that Continues to Support Local Charities such as St Helens Food Bank & Honey Rose.
  • Paperless Electronic Sign Up – You Can Sign Up from Work or Home.

As a company, we just want to offer you a genuine value for money service which gives you peace of mind knowing that your goods will be looked after whilst in our quality, secure and clean storage facility.

If you feel storing elsewhere will be of more benefit you, well that’s fine too.

Here’s What You Get with Store First:

  • A Government Winding Up Petition Served on the Company

    • “Serious Fraud Office warns of scam.”

  • “A Group Loss of £42m.”

  • Further people alleging of a “Scam”.

  • “The Self Storage Association UK is concerned.”

Would you be happy to store your personal contents with them?

What happens if they go into liquidation whilst your items are in store with them?

The saying “If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is” seems very apt.

Again, this is not our company style to call out the competition, after all, we network and socialise with most of the local self-storage owners at industry events throughout the UK and Europe.

However, we have politely asked for defamatory and misleading information about our company to be removed from the public domain and these requests so far have been ignored. We, therefore, feel we have no other choice to protect our brand which we have spent so long building up.


If you do have your items in store with Store First and are concerned about them, we will happily move them out of their facility and into ours completely free of charge whilst also matching their current headline room rate.

To discuss this further or to get through any of our range of services you can get in contact with our knowledgeable, friendly team by calling us on 01744 811 822.

You can also send an email to

Let us store your storage issues away!

At The Storage Team we’re here to help.

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